How to Make Rice


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Veg Biryani Recipe

This Veg Biryani is an authentic Indian recipe packed full of your favorite rice, veggies, and spices. Made with patience and lots

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Veg Fried Rice

Vegetable fried rice is a popular and delicious dish that combines cooked rice with a variety of vegetables, seasonings, and sauce

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Southwestern Rice

Southwestern Rice is a flavorful and hearty dish inspired by the bold and spicy flavors of the American Southwest. This recipe com

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Corn Pulao

Corn Pulao is a delightful and aromatic rice dish that celebrates the sweet and tender flavors of corn kernels. This recipe combin

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Lemon Rice

raditional South Indian quick lemon rice also known as chitranna or nimmakaya pulihora is a popular dish made for a meal. To make

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Mushroom Biryani

Mushroom biryani is the classic vegetarian version of biryani with meaty mushrooms, tender fluffy rice and flavorful spices. I sha

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