Parmal golden sella rice is a type of non-Basmati rice that is grown in various regions of India, particularly in states like Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, and Punjab. It is part of the "Parmal" series of rice varieties. Golden Sella Rice: The term "Golden Sella" indicates that the rice has undergone a parboiling process as part of its preparation. Parboiling involves partially cooking the rice in its husk before milling. This process can help retain some of the nutrients from the outer layers of the rice grain and give the rice a golden or yellowish color. "Sella" also suggests that the rice is firm and separate when cooked. Grain Length: Parmal Golden Sella Rice is known for its long and slender grains. The average grain length can range from 6.5 mm to 7.0 mm or longer.


While Parmal Golden Sella Rice may not have the strong natural fragrance of aromatic Basmati rice, it can have a mild and pleasant scent. Texture: Parmal Golden Sella Rice typically has a firm and slightly sticky texture when cooked. The grains tend to retain moisture well, making it suitable for a variety of rice-based dishes. Cooking Time: The parboiling process generally reduces the cooking time for Parnal Golden Sella Rice compared to regular white rice. It may take approximately 15-20 minutes to cook, depending on the cooking method used.

Known For

  • High Quality Rice

  • Easy Cooking Rice

  • High nutritional value Rice

  • Soft Texture Rice

  • Usage in Various Cuisines Food


Purity 95.00%
Natural Admixture 5.00%
Average Grain Length 6.40 MM
Moisture 12.5% Max.
Broken Grain 1% Max.
Damage/Discolour Grain 1% Max.
Immature Grain 1% Max.
Foreign Matter Nil
Packaging Type Jute bag, BOPP Bags, PP bag, Non-woven bag or as per buyer's choice.
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