509 Sella Basmati Rice" typically refers to a specific variety of Basmati rice known as "Pusa 1509" or "Pusa Sella." This variety was developed in India and is known for its unique characteristics. Here are some details about Pusa 1509 Sella Basmati Rice: 1. Grain Characteristics: Grain Length: The grains of Pusa 1509 Sella Basmati Rice are long and slender, typically measuring between 7.5 to 8.0 millimeters in length. Grain Shape: The grains are slender and pointed, which is a defining feature of Basmati rice. 2. Color: The rice grains are typically creamy or golden in color. 3. Aroma and Flavor: Pusa 1509 Sella Basmati Rice is known for its strong and delightful aroma, which is a combination of nutty and floral notes. It has a fragrant and aromatic flavor that enhances the overall dining experience. 4. Processing Method: "Sella" in the name indicates that this variety has undergone a parboiling process. During parboiling, the rice is partially boiled in the husk, which gelatinizes the starches and makes the grains less likely to break during cooking. It also contributes to the rice's characteristic aroma and elongated grains.


The cooked rice is fluffy, with each grain remaining separate. It does not clump together, which is a desirable feature for various rice dishes. Non-Stickiness: The rice is non-sticky, making it suitable for a wide range of recipes, from biryanis to pilafs. Pleasant Aroma: It has a delightful aroma characterized by nutty and floral notes, enhancing the overall flavor of dishes.

Known For

  • High Quality Rice

  • Easy Cooking Rice

  • High nutritional value Rice

  • Soft Texture Rice

  • Usage in Various Cuisines Food


Purity 95.00%
Natural Admixture 5.00%
Average Grain Length 8.40 MM
Moisture 12.5% Max.
Broken Grain 1% Max.
Damage/Discolour Grain 1% Max.
Immature Grain 1% Max.
Foreign Matter Nil
Packaging Type Jute bag, BOPP Bag, PP bag, Non-woven bag or as per buyer's choice.
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