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In a commodity market, Competitive prices are given, and supplier options are a necessity. Too often, though, that’s the whole story in the rice industry – which is why HRM Exports set out to be more than you’ve come to expect.We understand the benefits of a closer relationship with the customer, HRM Exports has taken the industrial rice supply chain back to its roots – and into the 21st century

Today, we at HRM Exports commit to achieve customer satisfaction with quality, quantity and services.

We are delighted to provide consumers fine food with rice of unmatched quality.We work with farmers, partner food companies and respond to the needs of our customers to ensure that nothing but the very best rice and rice products enamor your table, making every meal of the day, fulfilling and cherishing.

Always Dedicated and Devoted

Our Values and Propositions

Excellence Offered

We believe in offering excellence not only in terms of our products but also in terms of regulated manufacturing process and quality standards followed.

Strong Belief system

At HRM Exports, we have a belief that by providing our basmati rice to the world, we can play our part in eradicating global hunger..

Smart Work

To optimise our production and output we adopt a strategy to promote smart work. We hold workshops and training courses to promote the same.

Service to society

We believe in giving back to the society by recycling wastewater, contributing to trusts and NGO, and by providing employment opportunity to the needy.


Rice Milling Process

At HRM Exports , the following rice milling steps enable us to produce high-quality rice products that meet international standards and cater to the demands of global customers.


The rice milling process begins with pre-cleaning, which involves removing impurities such as stones, dust, and straw from the raw paddy. Pre-cleaning machines, including de-stoners and separators, are utilized to ensure the purity and quality of the paddy before further processing.

  • Remove impurities.

  • Ensure quality and purity


Parboiling is a specialized rice processing technique that involves soaking, steaming, and drying the raw paddy before milling. During the parboiling process, the paddy undergoes a partial gelatinization of its starch, resulting in significant changes in the grain's texture, nutritional profile, and cooking characteristics. Parboiling enhances the rice's nutritional value by retaining essential nutrients, including vitamins and minerals, which may be lost in regular milling.

  • Specialised processing technique.

  • Enhances nutritional value.


After pre-cleaning, the husking process begins, during which the outer husk of the paddy is removed. This step separates the husk from the rice grain. Husking machines, such as rubber roll huskers or abrasive-type huskers, are employed to efficiently carry out this task.

  • Removing the outer husk.

  • Enhanced storage and shelf life.

Paddy Separation

Following husking, paddy separation is performed to separate the unhulled paddy grains from the mixture of paddy and husk. This separation process ensures that only hulled grains proceed to the subsequent milling stages. Paddy separators are used for paddy separation.

  • Separate the unhulled paddy.

  • Use of Paddy seperators.


Once the paddy is separated, the next step is whitening, which involves the removal of the bran layer from the rice grain. This process enhances the appearance of the rice and improves its texture. Whitening machines, such as vertical or horizontal abrasive whitening machines, are utilized for efficient and effective grain whitening.

  • Removal of the bran layer.

  • Enhances the appearance and improves texture.


After the whitening process, polishing can be performed to further refine the rice grain's surface. Polishing machines equipped with abrasive rollers or friction polishers are utilized to achieve the desired level of shine and gloss on the rice grains. Polishing is an optional step depending on the desired final product.

  • Refining the rice grain surface.

  • Achieve desired level of Shine and gloss.

Sorting and Grading

Following polishing, the rice is subjected to sorting and grading to ensure uniformity in quality, size, and appearance. Electronic colour sorters are employed to detect and remove any remaining impurities, defective grains, or foreign materials. Grading is done based on factors such as length, shape, and color, ensuring consistent and high-quality rice products.

  • Ensure uniformity in quality ,size and appearance.

  • Use of electronic colour sorters.


Weighing the rice accurately is crucial to maintain consistency and meet customer expectations. Automated weighing systems are used in our premises .The weight can be set according to the specific packaging requirements, such as kilograms or pounds. it is transferred to bags for containment. Bagging machines are used to efficiently fill the rice into the selected packaging materials, such as plastic bags, jute bags, or woven polypropylene bags. The bagging machines ensure uniform filling and sealing of the bags to prevent spillage or contamination. After the bags are filled with the desired quantity of rice, they need to be properly sealed and closed. Depending on the packaging materials, various sealing methods are employed, including heat sealing, sewing, or adhesive closures. It is important to ensure secure closure to maintain the quality and integrity of the rice during transportation and storage.

  • Use of automated weighing system.

  • Ensure uniform filling and sealing.

  • Maintain quality and integrity.


  • Loading Rice is loaded onto trucks or other suitable transport vehicles from the factory’s warehouse. The loading process must be carefully supervised to prevent damage and maintain quality.

  • Transportation The rice is transported to the designated port. Temperature-controlled trucks or containers may be used for long journeys to protect the rice from environmental factors.

  • Security Measures Cargo security is maintained during transit to prevent theft and tampering. Seals and tracking systems are often employed to monitor the cargo’s integrity.

Shipping & Logistics

After transportation of goods from factory to port, the process for shipping the goods to the buyer port is carried on by following the below steps:

  • Customs Documentation: Proper documentation, including bills of lading and certificates, is prepared to meet customs and regulatory requirements at the port.

  • Port Handling: At the port, customs clearance procedures are completed, and the rice is readied for loading onto ships.

  • Loading onto Ships: The rice is loaded onto container ships or bulk carriers for export. Careful stowage ensures that the cargo is secure and will not be damaged during the sea voyage.

  • Shipping: The ship departs for the destination port, which could be in another country. The shipping company manages the sea voyage.

By implementing ourself with the rice milling process encompassing pre-cleaning, husking, paddy separation, whitening, polishing, sorting, and grading, weighing and bagging, we optimize our rice export operations. The modern milling techniques and utilizing efficient equipment enhances the quality of our rice products, enable us to meet the demands of international customers and establish a reputation as a reliable rice exporter in the global market.


Quality you can taste

The finest rice for every occasion

Vision & Mission

Our Vision

We aim to provide consistently fine quality of rice for connoisseurs worldwide and innovation marks our approach to marching towards excellence in our field. Our objective is to be consistent in quality and assure timely delivery of finest materials manufactured using ethical processes and help in the prosperity of everyone concerned.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make the world experience the true Indian and Natural flavours in its authentic form that brings joy and happiness to the palates of global consumers. Our vision is to make HRM Exports as the most trusted and preferred food brand in Rice from India in the global markets.

Selection of pure and top grade Rice

Our Products

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We are Certified

Reasons to Choose HRM Exports

  • Quality Assurance

    HRM Exports , the name itself promises that you’re getting an quality product that has been grown, harvested, stored and cared.

  • Advanced Milling & Processing

    By using state-of-the-art milling and processing, we are at HRM Exports, the milling and processing the paddy with international quality standards.

  • Ageing

    Our rice will never fail to impress our customers because they are perfectly aged. The result is guaranteed fluffy, super smooth and finest grains.

  • Advanced Testing

    Samples of each procured rice sample go through intense testing by technicians and are approved only after certifications from suitable authorities.

  • On Time Delivery

    We seek to meet the needs of all clients by delivering varieties of rice on time at various price ranges, without compromising on the quality

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